The Charlie Company Boozer

Charlie Company logo“Old but still Faithful”

Created for Townsville Reunion 2016 by Ken ‘Snow’ McGowan

A Tribute to mates departed 

There’s a patch of blue sky amid the grey cloud
with a tiny ray of sunshine piercing through
and if you follow it back up to it’s source
a wide open door will give you a clue;

As you are drawn to the light you become aware of the noise
of men laughing and joking, why it’s some of the boys
There’s Johnno, and Scotty he still sounds so good
as he strums that guitar as only he could.

Foxy holds court as he patiently explains
the difference between garnets and rubies
to the uneducated few
but is interrupted by Muggsy
who loudly exclaims that he holds the secret to win at the tablebut when asked what it is he laughingly replies
“It wouldn’t be a secret then mate
so I am unable!”

There’s the CQ’s offsider Darrel the Drake
talking to Colesy and Blue Harvey
a talented bloke who with his paint
makes  the Ettamogah come to life
with Ned and his Neddy like all the boys, no saint!

Arch McMahon converses with Serge
while the three Gs Geltch Gall and Geil start to converge
on CSM Lapthorne to air their views
on the reason they’re getting no letters from home
because of the posties the boys are starting to feel
that nobody cares anymore, it seems unreal.

Johnny Fraser and Ray are deep in conversation
probably pondering tactics for some errant diggers;
Tex wanders over to commiserate with Macca
whose tent burnt down and all he possessed
was lost to the fire, including his cherished double decker.

Billy Millman sits staring at his empty can
and decides to have another;
may as well get two to save him the bother.
Chris “The Pole” Szalek strolls over to join him
and is soon joined by Ken Lewis who tries to explain
his latest theory on the political front, but soon gives up
when he is molested by Sadie the mascot pup.

You see she was found in a VC bunker
and choppered out in a sandbag
giving the CQMS a terrible fright
who thought 9Pl was taking the mickey
by bagging a python who he thought would bite!

But Sadie has earned her place here by being left behind
for now she has all her mates back at the Dat
which she has guarded faithfully since ’68
So happy to see her masters around once again
Not knowing the heartache and pain
they have left behind

Max Cannon explains for the umpteenth time how he was wounded; The stories were getting into the realms of journalists’ dreams.
Brian Snow and Jonesy listen intently to differentiate fiction from reality.
A few blokes share their stories not boasting, just telling it plainly.

After a few cold ones everyone agrees to call it a night,
return to their hootchies and have a peaceful respite.
Tomorrow there will be no operation, nor will there ever be
For this is a place where our brothers meet in eternal comradeship
To enjoy the company of warriors – the men of Charlie Company.

That ray of light that leads to the door of the Charlie Company Boozer
will forever shine to guide us to join our departed mates one day
For those of us still able we salute them and say:

‘Well done  fella’s,  you did OK”.

 To Departed Comrades

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